5 Best Tips to Style Your Short Bob Wigs


Short hairstyles are fashionable with women at the current moment. The adaptability of short hairstyles ranges from formal events, casual events to parties. Short wigs are an excellent option for women enjoying being noticed. This hairstyle has the advantage of highlighting the shape of your head and your facial characteristics.

The flexibility of short bob wigs allows it to be changed into a fashion choice in an instant. The flexibility of a short bob wig will enable it to be transformed into a fashion choice instantly. In this article, we will provide all the necessary styling tips to achieve a more natural look.

Tip 1: Only Style While the Wig is Dry

There is always a risk of damaging or plucking when you style a wet wig. Water’s weight can stretch wig fibers, straighten curls, and mess up the curl/style pattern. We strongly advise you to leave your wig for proper drying after washing it.

Tip 2: Use Straps While Styling

While styling using a strap gives you a lot of flexibility as your hands are free. Chin straps are one of the popular and handy straps. When styling your wig with a chin strap, you can use both hands without worrying about the wig slipping out of place. Plus, as you style, you’ll be able to see the wig frame and your face.

Tip 3: Use a Styling Head

It’s an advantage to have the ability to see all the sides of your wig while you are styling. Also, a styling head is a great advantage that helps during styling. This is incredibly beneficial if you have trouble reaching up or to the back of your wig to brush it. When combing your wig, make sure to use T-pins to keep it attached to the foam head.

Tip 4: Appropriate Brushing Technique

Another critical thing to be extra careful is while brushing your wigs. Brushing properly is the first step in styling. A stainless steel wig brush is ideal for artificial wig fibers to avoid hair falling and fiber straining. Comb your wig in a way that helps the style once you’ve found the right tool.

Different brushing techniques are used according to the type of wigs. For example, you should use short lifting strokes for tight curls and long even strokes for smooth straight wigs. However, you might want to use a pic comb with wigs having ringlet curls.

Tip 5: Select Correct Products

You should strictly avoid using chemicals and products made for authentic human hair. The use of incorrect hair products can damage your wig permanently. Specialized wig sprays keep your wigs in order.

Start spraying from the back of your wig while maintaining distance. You should evenly spray your wigs and wait till the style sets before wearing them. One important tip is never to brush or touch your wigs when it’s wet. There are high chances of damaging the style if you attempt to do so.


Your wig will look fresh and lovely if you use the proper styling equipment and use the right styling products. There are numerous wig care products and grooming techniques available to assist you in achieving and maintaining your ideal look. We hope this article has helped you style your short bob wigs.


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