Custom Nike Cleats: How To Buy Quality Soccer Cleats


One of the essential kits to play soccer are cleats. They are needed to protect the feet from injuries, and at the same time allow the player to make good kicks and hits on the ball. To get the best custom nike cleats, you have to understand the essentials of what to look for. There are many sports gear manufacturers, but Nike is undoubtedly ranked among the best.

To prove how good their soccer cleats are, they are in partnership with some of the best soccer players on the planet. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappe, etc. Play the sport with Nike cleats. So, if you want to join the lists of legends, here’s how to buy the best quality custom Nike cleats.

What pitch surface will you be playing on?

Soccer is an encompassing term that describes all types of the sport. However, there are variants of the sports like Futsal, indoor soccer, street football, etc. Each of these soccer variants have different pitch surfaces. As such, soccer cleats come in different types. You’ll need to decide If you’ll be playing on Firm Ground (FG), Soft Ground (SG), and Hard Gold (HG).

The major difference between these types of cleats are in the shape, size, and number of studs underneath the cleat. The last thing you’ll want is to use a Soft Ground cleat on a hard soccer pitch surface.

What’s the soccer cleat made from?

Soccer cleats are made from two major construction materials; leather and synthetic. Every cleat falls into these categories or a combination of them. Although the material type falls down to personal preference, you need to get cleats you feel most comfortable in.

The maintenance of leather cleats is much more different than synthetic cleats. The best way to know how comfortable a soccer cleat feels is to test it out. The last thing you want is to feel discomfort during games, as it’ll affect your performance.

Get the right size

Soccer cleats, like other shoes, are manufactured in different sizes. When in doubt of your feet size, it’s best to use a tape to get the exact measurement. Wearing an undersized cleat causes blisters to both the toes and heel. This affects the overall performance of the player. An oversized cleat would cause the feet to slip and move around. It will impede proper movement during gameplay and can still cause injuries.

What’s your budget?

The size of your budget will determine the type of soccer cleats it can buy. Quality soccer cleats do not necessarily come cheap, but they can not also be categorized as expensive. But you’ll do well not to settle for cleats made from inferior materials, as they cause more harm than good. In the same vein, there are also expensive cleats made with special materials. The good thing about custom cleats is you can get them made exactly how you want it.


Soccer cleats are designed with universal sizes and designs. If you’re looking to get bespoke cleats, custom soccer cleats are the way to go. The article gives an overview of the buying guide for quality cleats. With the right budget, you should be able to get a good cleat for your next game.


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