Different pressure washer nozzles


Imagine that you have been living in your house for a long time now. Eventually, if you have been gone on vacation for a long time, you know that your house is bound to get dirty over time, as it can cause nature to take over and it can make the house very dirty.

Accumulated dirt can be an absolute menace to deal with, as it can cause you to get stressed about needing to clean it over time, and it needs to be a daily chore to properly clean your own house, and it can get daunting to do everything alone at once. Therefore, pressure washing can be an excellent solution if you face different issues.

To properly work everything out, a 100ft pressure washer is the best thing you can do, as it can help get rid of excess dirt. It can make the best of your situation, and you will be able to sit there freely and put in as least amount of effort as possible so that you can lay back, relax and make sure that your pressure washer handles all the work.

However, if you have no idea about the details of a pressure washer, you have arrived at the correct place. There are certain pressure washer nozzles that you should keep in mind if you want to work on different types of projects. So, let’s take a deeper dive into the types of nozzles.

Red nozzle

The first type of nozzle you should know about is a red nozzle or a nozzle that is also represented as a 0-degree nozzle. It is a nozzle that comes equipped with a pressure washer that shows the most concentrated amount of water, and therefore it is the most effective to spray against a lot of dirt that has been collected over the patio for a long time.

Yellow nozzle

The next nozzle that you should know about is that a yellow nozzle is used for more heavy-duty cleaning but not extreme work. You should not use a yellow nozzle for daily cleaning, as it still pumps out extremely high pressure, and you need to figure out how to use a yellow nozzle so that you can get the job done properly.

Green nozzle

Another nozzle that is typically used for daily cleaning is known as a green nozzle, or a nozzle that is also kept in mind as a 25-degree nozzle, which is going to be typically used on the daily, cleaning out your patio that has minimal dirt accumulated on it, or on tired that have been getting dirt for a few days.

White nozzle

A 40-degree nozzle or a white nozzle is the last nozzle that exists when it comes to owning pressure washers to be used by the general public. This is one of the most gentle nozzles which will let out the water in the gentlest streams possible.


To end, you should know the basics about nozzles that you can use with pressure washers. Therefore, make sure to stay safe and happy with pressure washing!


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