How to Remove Oil From Your skin

Woman face with oily skin removing oil

Although the creation and the main function of makeup blotting paper have made life easy for people with oily skin. Today, thanks to innovation, even with a skin that produces oil, you can use makeup confidently without the thought of oil messing up the makeup. The truth is for those of us who experience a lot of oil on our skin, we are not always happy when we see the oils – it can be very annoying.

Let us assume that you are not exactly a fan of makeup partly because of your skin type, but because of one situation, you have to use makeup. You may need to pay a makeup artist heavily to help paint your face and make you look better. Usually, good makeup should last for hours, but because your face is oily, the makeup may mess your face up from less than an hour. This can be frustrating, but the truth is you can not actually blame your skin.

Your skin produces oil primarily as a form of protection from contaminants. Another reason for the oil production on your skin is continuous moisturization of the skin. So it is safe to conclude that the skin produces oil as part of its duties. So instead of getting angry with your skin from the oil, you should look for a solution. Luckily, as innovation continues to help, there are ways you can remove oil from your skin without affecting the skin or your makeup. Let’s examine some of the ways to extract oil from the skin;

Using blotting paper

Blotting paper is the fastest and easiest way to remove oil from your face because it was made explicitly for that purpose. All you need to do is work in a pharmacy to get a good blotting paper. After that, take out a sheet of blotting paper and gently place it on the area of your face that is covered with oil. In most cases, the most oil-filled regions of your face include the chin, nose, forehead, and in some cases, your mouth area. The blotting paper is specifically designed to absorb the oil from your face, so you do not need to apply pressure or move it around. If you apply pressure or move it in any direction, you may be messing up your makeup if you have one on.

Cleansing pads

One fact about oily skin is it produces oil when you are on make-up and when you are not on make-up. A blotting paper is your best option if you are on makeup. A cleansing pad, on the other hand, is your best option when there is no makeup. Cleansing pads are wet and, in most cases, have soap – hence why you can’t use a cleansing pad on your face with makeup.

Using toners

Toners are another product that works magically when dealing with an oily skin. With a toner, all you need is cotton wool to apply it over the areas with oil. Not only will it clean the oil, but it will also close the pores producing this oil for a while. As a result, your skin will be clean and not produce these oils for a little bit.


Oil on the skin can be annoying, but it is protective. Read this guide to learn how to remove oil on your skin.


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