How to Use a Chicken Plucker Machine?


A chicken plucker is a machine used to remove the feathers from a chicken. There are many different models of chicken pluckers available, but they all work on the same principle. The machine pulls the feathers off the bird using rubber fingers or claws.

Chicken pluckers make removing feathers much faster and easier than by hand, and they can be used for any size bird. A chicken plucker machine is a great investment if you raise your chickens or buy them from a farmer.

Here is how to use one to get the most out of this handy tool.

How Does Chicken Plucker Works?

Arrange the Things You Need

Plucking involves ash slaughtering, scalding, washing, and chilling. To use a chicken plucker, you need a:

• Power source

You need a perfect waterproof power source for continuous plucking. Because the procedure involves a lot of water splashing

• Water hose

Some of the pluckers have a water hose, and some have done—water used in plucking needs to wash away the feather from the chicken and plucker towards the feather chute.

• Scalder

It is not a part of the chicken plucking activity but an essential part of this process. Therefore, placing the scalder away from the plucking machine near the killing station would be best. Moreover, it contains hot water that can be harmful.

Place The Plucker In The Right Location

Place the plucker in a safe place such as flat ground where water drains well. While plucking, the machine shakes consistently with fast speed. Therefore, the plucking process will be disturbed in case of uneven ground.

Keep that in mind; do not make the ground soggy because there is a lot of water involved in this activity.

Switch On the Machine

After placing the machine in the right place, switch on the chicken plucker. Make sure to connect the water hose before starting the plucker. This process involves a lot of irrigation as water helps de-feathering the chicken and helps the plucker during the process.

Water provision

Furthermore, provide the excess amount of water to the plucker. This means that turn on the irrigation ring that is around the upper side of the machine. The irrigation ring has a feature that does even distribute water in plucker.

However, once the machine starts rotating along with the water supply, the chicken is ready to be plucked.

Shift the Chicken from Scalder to Plucker

Shift the chicken from the scalder to the plucker carefully. Remember, scalder has a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the purpose of putting the chicken in the scalder is not to boil the chicken but to maintain the right temperature that helps loosen feathers.

Remove the Chicken From The Plucker

Once the chicken poultry is de-feather, switch off the chicken plucker; do not put your hand inside until the machine stops rotating.

And here you’re done with the chicken plucking process with an amazing chicken plucker- easy and clean.


The chicken plucker machine is a great investment for any poultry farm or, in fact, for home use. A plucker machine is a useful tool for removing feathers from chickens. In addition, the device uses a series of rubber fingers to grasp the feathers and pull them out. Therefore, the machine must be suitable for fit sizes of chickens. In addition, it is easy to use and clean.


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