New Technical Advancement in Visual Entertainment


With the advancement of technology comes newer and better options for enjoying visual entertainment. Today, many people are turning to streaming services to watch their favourite content without having to pay for cable television services.

But, did you know you can have smart projectors and monitors replacing your casual tv and appliances set?

So as the world moves forward, the entertainment level is also getting better. From movies to television shows, a lot of changes in technology are being witnessed today. The newest innovation in visual entertainment is smart projectors and monitors that can replace your TV set.

Here are new advancements you never thought of on this visual sector:

Smart Projectors

Smart projectors are high-quality projectors that can display images on any surface, including a wall or screen. These projectors have been around for over a decade now but only recently became more affordable for the average person to own one. These projectors use LED light bulbs instead of traditional bulbs which allows them to be lighter and more portable than traditional projectors. This also makes them more energy efficient than traditional bulbs. Also, smart projectors can connect via HDMI cable to computers or gaming consoles such as Xbox One or PS4 so you can play games on your projector screen instead of having to buy another console just for this purpose.


Another technological advancement in visual entertainment is the monitor. Monitors are essentially just flat screens with no speakers attached to them like TVs do. They come in all different sizes from 22 inches all the way up to 80 inches or larger! They do not require an additional device such as a console or gaming PC to be able to play games and watch movies. These monitors are basically computers on steroids, with all of their components packed into a single piece of hardware.

The biggest advantage of using smart monitors over standard TVs is that they have built-in ports which allow you to connect them directly to your computer or game console without having to use any cables whatsoever! This makes it very easy for you to use your favourite games without having to worry about how far away your TV is from where you’re sitting at!

Latest Television Trends You Can’t Miss

Television technology has been evolving for over a century, and the pace of innovation shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, currently there’s a host of new technologies and trends that will have an impact on how people will watch tvs in the future.

4K Ultra HD resolution

4K Ultra HD TVs have four times as many pixels as regular HD TVs (3840 x 2160). They offer amazing picture quality and make everything from sports games to nature documentaries look better than ever before.

Curved Screens

One of the latest trends in televisions is curved screens which provide an immersive experience while watching your favorite shows on your TV set. The curved screen creates an illusion of depth by bending the screen inward at its edges so that everything looks closer to the viewer and has more impact on your senses.

Internet Connected TVs

With internet connected TVs, you can access apps like Netflix and Hulu directly on your TV. This makes it easy to watch your favourite shows, listen to music and enjoy online content from anywhere in the house.


It is important to know that with these trends, the world is moving away from the 2d era of displays into a completely new 3d era. Be it a TV, projectors or monitors, there is no single best equipment to own as all three have their own uses and benefits. One should always choose the one which suits their lifestyle. As a general rule, projectors should be used for big screens or 4K resolution or higher. If you are considering a projector for 1080p or 720p use, you may want to also consider a larger screen size, as the image quality will tend to suffer on smaller screens.

TVS, projectors, monitors; what are you supposed to choose? All these varieties of screen technology have their pros and cons, so the only way to make an informed decision is by knowing exactly what each type has to offer.


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